Effective Planning Of The Truck Fleet Maintenance Process

22 Oct by Diane Mcdonalid

Effective Planning Of The Truck Fleet Maintenance Process

In this article, we gives you some tips on maintaining your fleet. These tips will help you make sure that your vehicles are always in the best possible shape.

Increased fuel efficiency and fewer vehicle breakdowns is the dream of any fleet manager or owner. But how proactive are you when it comes to maintaining all trucks? Keep in mind that keeping them in good condition will improve fuel efficiency and life cycle. However, when entering the business world, you often ignore routine maintenance.

Decide who will be responsible

Sometimes truck maintenance is not done simply because everyone assumes that someone else is doing these overhauls. To avoid this kind of confusion, clearly indicate who is responsible. It is often good for each driver to take care of the vehicle he is driving, as he has more control over it. He can monitor and manage it properly.

Create a list of items that need to be constantly reviewed and maintained

One way to make sure you don’t miss important maintenance tasks is to create a checklist. This list may be unique depending on the needs of your fleet or vehicles. However, regardless of the situation, the list must include the following items during the overhaul of a vehicle:

– Engine oil and filter change

– Transmission fluid

– Fuel filter

– Cooling liquid

– Homokinetic joints

– Belts and hoses

– Components of the electrical system

– Braking system

– Steering and suspension system

– Tires, springs

– Exhaust system

– Exterior and interior lights

– Seat belts and seat structures

– Liquid leakage

– Auxiliary systems

– Frame and running mechanism, etc.

This decision will vary from fleet to fleet. It is essential to establish a system that guarantees adequate responsibility for the necessary maintenance of each vehicle.

Include preventive maintenance

Wait until one of the trucks in your fleet breaks down to perform repairs is simply inefficient and can cause unexpected repair costs. Be proactive and opt for preventive maintenance for your entire truck fleet.

During maintenance work, the person in charge of overhaul or repair will check for signs of wear that could cause damage in the future.

Use technology

Although the surveillance and organization of the fleets was done manually for many years, the digital age modernizes practically everything around us. Just to keep that evolutionary change going to make things easier, fleet management software has been developed.

It is basically software that mechanizes manual tasks and provides a detailed report on all vehicles, which will save you money and time.

Fleet management software helps companies perform many of the tasks required for fleet management. Mileage, overhaul and repair reports, everything needs to be put together and managed. Using fleet management software will facilitate this task by transforming documents into digital files that can be easily managed and saved.

As a last resort, all your fleet data scanning technology will allow you to receive automatic alerts when it’s time to do the maintenance.